and for my next piece on the THEME - LET'S MAKE A FUNNY
I have used IKE'S ART called 

Ike's art can also be found on STITCHY BEAR DIGITAL OUTLET SHOP

I am not naturally a "funny" person but there are a very few things that can get me going:

This is a picture of my daughter Ayla talking on her cell, carrying her big handbag, wearing her Diva clothes, walking at the Marathon pace that she does and BOOM straight into a Lamp Post.

I am sorry, but I laughed and laughed and laughed
and could not stop laughing
to the point of a total

Ayla was NOT amused!

I asked IKE to sketch up this picture to replicate this incident.
When I saw what IKE came up with, there was not one thing missing.  This was exactly the picture of the Downtown Toronto, Queen Street (Yuppieville) incident.

I laughed and laughed all over again.

Thanks for that IKExox

It only happens about once a year or twice a year!!!

p.s. Ayla is a Marathoner. She is a Divagirl.  She is obsessed with her Cell.  She does walk at a pace I can NOT keep up with and she is constantly turning around and saying "Mommmm Keep Up" and she is the best daughter I could have as a best friend!!! xox

I had to include this shot because it was IKE who made this gorgeous flower for me.  I have waited for the perfect time to use it!

I also used my mixed media tools.  I sprayed the chippy board, used Noir Pastels around the edges and circles and washi in different places.  I had a blast with all my different pens of various colors creating designs all over the place!!!



 IKE has done it again.  Masterful work!  I love how IKE will take on the world with her art - she is a courageous artist and puts out art that speaks to everyone, is inclusive - be that class, race, gender, 2 legged, 4 legged, life or death.  There is not much IKE has not sketched and honored us with her creative skills.

I've chosen Fireplace and I DO - the sentiment is my own - because there is nothing more beautiful than the noise of a fireplace - that crackling serene up your spine feeling it exudes. 

And there is nothing better than being with a lover in front of a fireplace.  Fire in and of itself is magic!  It reaches into the soul and unites.  It burns off the bad, it transmutes into the good.  


The Rising of the Phoenix out of the Ashes.

You can find IKE's ART at her Store or at STITCHY BEAR DIGITAL OUTLET.

You will see the wonderful prize for this challenge is the gorgeous February Prize Pack with some Lovely Papers to boot.

Doesn't have to be a Valentine -
Just your version of LOVE

A pet
A book
Special Foods

Think beyond the box.

LOVING to see what you come up with.

Happy Sunday

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